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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Frenzy!

This Valentine's season I felt the need to show immense amounts of love to my husband and children and, to say the least, our family had an incredible time.

I made this Valentine sock banner (idea stolen from a wonderful friend whom if my husband could would ban me from her (J/K) but we do get into a good kind of trouble crafting and sharing ideas). Anyway, I made these cards:
and starting Feb. 1st you draw a card out of the socks and do what it says. They also all have a "Love scripture" that goes along with it. Some examples are: decorate cookies and deliver them to friends, heart attack a family, who can give the most hugs away?, spend the day in gratitude and say "thank you", A heart hunt (same as an Easter egg hunt but with hearts), we picked a secret Valentine, and A hershey kiss scavenger hunt, just to name a few. We had a BLAST doing all these things and really enjoyed the love that was shared within the family and outside the family.
I saw these incredibly super cute Valentine chair backers and just HAD to make them. After I got going I found them to be very time consuming and rather difficult for my stage of sewing (which is just UNDER beginner level) Good thing my Mom was there to help. I did end up making ELEVEN of them (for future children and yes we plan on that many of us) However, besides my children I haven't ever made anything so worth my time! We put these on the backs of all our chairs and we would put fun surprises in them for the 2 weeks leading up till Valentine's Day. We filled them with love notes, balloons, candy, heart champagne glasses, heart straws and anything else we could find. It was a lot of fun to open them up in the mornings and see what someone had given you. Jarron wants me to make some that can be just for "anytime" but that I'll have to think about.
I made this "Be my Valentine banner" when I was making my "happy Birthday" banner. Before this season I didn't have ANY valentine decor because I couldn't ever find any I really liked so now all my decor is hand made and that much more special.
Valentine countdown. All the kids had one of these and if I was more on top of the ball they would have candy wrapped in the tulle...14 pieces to be exact. They got to eat a candy a day till Valentine's Day. Since it is passed V Day the candy is all gone.
In case you don't get it A-Ayden B-Bentley C-Cayton D-Deacon
The Valentine Wand. I made this wand and the purpose was to do a secret kind deed or act for someone else. When you did you left the wand in it's place and then that person had to do something for someone else. To my great surprise the wand was passed around quite often!
I wish that we had pictures for everything that we did but I don't but Valentine's Day and the season will forever be changed in our home...for the better! Some really fun things we did was: started writing fun notes on the walls in the shower with crayons, hid secret love notes in funny places for others to find, went miniature bowling, decorated cookies, delivered cookies and "love buckets" ate pink mashed potatoes and rolls on V Day (thanks Gma Wallace!), made candy bar bouquets and most of all expressed love for each other in ways he never had before!


CortEmPeterson said...

I love all of your Valentines decor! You have some great ideas for the season, it sounds like your family really enjoyed it!!