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Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkins and Snowmen!?

Last Friday night to celebrate my sister's birthday we were going to go out to eat and then go to the corn maze. However, a little before dinner it started to SNOW! On October 10th! We decided to go to dinner anyway and by the time we got home there was enough snow to make a little snowman. It is crazy that in the same day we went to the pumpkin patch got pumpkins for Halloween AND built a snowman!!
Poor Cayton's hands were freezing and the snowman didn't get any arms because there were no sticks without leaves still on them.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin Time!

As it turns out the coldest day of the season so far is the day we are going to the pumpkin patch with Cayton and Ayden's pre-school!! We didn't complain though...we dressed for the occasion, went fast and had a fun time!
Bentley's first time in winter the time we were done with her the poor thing looked like a pink Stay Puft marshmallow man and could barely move her arms! Ayden saying, "I did it!" coming out of the straw maze Cayton having fun getting lost in the straw maze Poor Bentley thinking this is ridiculous Ayden's perfect pumpkin he picked himself
Who's ready for a warm hayride?
All the cute munchkins in Heather's Feathers
Bentley and her first pumpkin!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Can it get better?

I don't like to brag but... I have a wonderful husband, two handsome boys and the sweetest little girl and I ask can life get any better? My answer: Yes!

Before sceptics start to she just putting on weight or is she pregnant? I would like to say: YES! This is me 8 weeks along. We are indeed adding another sweet spirit to our family with a due date of May 18th. And the answer to probably your second question: Yes, it was planned! It has just been so fun (most of the time) to have the boys so close that I wanted another so that Bentley might have the same relationship. They will be 17 months apart where the boys are 15. If I can do 15 I can do 17! We are so excited and can't wait for this bundle to arrive!

10 months!

Another month come and gone...sweet miss Bentley has really blossomed this month. Her personality has really started to shine. After having two boys (that I just adore and love to death) I really appreciate the soft sweetness of a little girl. She cuddles and gives endless hugs. She now gives the widest wettest kisses that make my heart melt. She has boycotted baby food and only eats what everyone else is eating. Her new favorite food is potato soup. My new favorite sound is Bentley laughing at her brothers! In the car Bentley sits in the middle captain chair facing the back row where the boys sit. While driving around they play peek-a-boo and other games with her that get her laughing really hard that it makes everyone laugh. The boys just adore her and would do anything for her! She crawls!!!! Her favorite song is Popcorn Popping when she gets to do the eyes.