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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Comings and Goings!

It has been such a long while since I last posted anything and here is the children and I have found ourselves addicted to the computer and it had to come to an end. My boys were constantly fighting over time on the computer and when my three year old's very first conversation with me in the morning started like this: Ayden: Is it Church Day? Me: No. Ayden: Can I play the computer? I knew something had to change! My family and I are going to try a tv and internet free summer and see what fun and exciting adventures we can discover together. Don't get me wrong there will most likely be a little tv here and there and of course movies at home and in the theatre but my goal is to fire the tv and video games. They really were great babysitters but in a couple weeks I won't have my niece to babysit anymore, the weather will be warmer, and Bentley is old enough to get out and about! So, we are getting out! Since it has been awhile I will catch you up a little on our lives. Jarron has gotten a manager position at a new bank and he is very excited. He may also be getting one of his long-time-in-coming-development plans going. Yippee! Cayton had his last day of pre-school and got a little diploma. Way cute and I cried. Not surprising, I cried when it started, I cried when it ended, and I cried when I counted only 15 more years until he goes on a mission. Can't time just slow down?! Ayden is doing great he is really excited for September because he knows that he gets to go to school with Cayton and that is about all he talks about. Both boys are excited for warmer weather because they love to spend the whole summer at parks and in the pool. Bentley is almost 6 months. WOW! A little cool fact is that on 06.07.08 she will be 6 months. Extra special cupcakes will be made for that! As for me I'm keeping busy with kids and really busy with church. Life has been a little bit of a trial this last little while but nothing we can't endure:0) As for our goings we are headed to Austin, Texas in less than 2 weeks for Jarron's 10 year high school reunion and to see his friends. We are all very excited to go to Texas but we are taking a tape recorder on the plane and plan to win $10,000 on America's Funniest Videos when we return. I can't believe that I'm going to attempt 3 children on a plane. I can barely handle them on the ground let alone airborne:0) We are also going to Kolob, UT for a Langston family reunion the end of July. I will try to post bits and pieces here and there. We wish you all a wonderful family-filled summer as well! We send our love to all!