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Monday, September 14, 2009

The month of the Giraffe...

As usual time is just flying by and munchkin #4 as I refer to him as, turned 4 months on the 11th of September. He's just the smiliest baby I've ever seen and such a joy!!
Deacon's stats: Weight: 15.9 lbs. 75% Height: 26 in. 75%
My giraffe:)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And So Our School Years Begin

Cayton headed off for his first day of kindergarten... I've been dreading this day for a long long time and it's finally come and gone. I was so nervous for myself because I didn't want him to see me cry because he was SO excited and felt so big going to Kindergarten. He came home in one piece and loved every minute of it. I can't believe that I have joined the ranks of public schools already. They grow up too fast!Be big! Have fun! Doesn't matter what you are to anyone else remember you're EVERYTHING to me!! His mommy quote of the day:)
His teacher: Mrs. Witgenstein
Ayden had his first day of preschool today and boy was it a tough week while Cayton got to go to school and Ayden didn't. He couldn't wait to start preschool is a definite understatement. He was off and away and it wasn't soon enough for him. Good Luck this year you two!!