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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Four months already!?

With Cayton I started a tradtion of making cupcakes every month to celebrate his month anniversary. I have to pat myself on the back (just a little) because I have still kept up the tradition, even with my third baby! I personally have a lot of fun with it even if the kids could care less:) So, just yesterday April 7th I made cupcakes for Bentley's 4 month Anniversary. I can't believe that she is already 4 months but she is just as sweet as ever. We aslo went to the doctor and she is 13 pounds 14 ounces and 24.5 inches long. She is in the fiftieth percentile all around. She is growing very well and smiling all the time! Here is just a random picture that we took of her a couple weeks ago. On the way to soccer we pass the street sign Bentley and it was pretty warm the other day so we decided to take a picture:)

Friday, April 4, 2008


The question has been asked,
"Does Bentley look like her brothers?"
What do you think?

Cayton and Bentley

Ayden and Bentley.

I have noticed that Bentley looks a lot like Cayton when she was tiny but is starting to look more and more like Ayden.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our Best Easter Yet!

Jarron and I have said that holidays have new meaning when you have kids and Easter was no exception! We had an Easter filled week with dying eggs, egg hunts (plural), the Easter Bunny and of course the true meaning of Easter! Our hearts are filled with gratitude this Easter season. We have been given so much and we have a deep love for our Savior Jesus Christ. I tried my very best to teach the boys the true meaning of Easter but all Ayden got out of it was that, "Mommy said we get our bodies back" and he cracks up laughing. You have to start somewhere...right? The innocence of a child!
We dyed A LOT of eggs at Grandma Jones' Bentley even colored her own egg. It was purple! The good looking gang Easter morning
Our little PINK bunny
Bentley with her very first Easter basket
and Bentley in her very first Easter dress! What a cutie!!

Oh Gee! Ayden's Three!

Ayden's Birthday fell on Easter this year so we celebrated it on Friday. He had a party at Pump It Up! which has many inflatable slides and bouncing areas. For our gift Jarron and I took him to Build-A-Bear and the candy store.
Ayden's Cake
Ayden with his turtle that he made at Build-A-Bear
A VERY HAPPY kid in a candy store
A born boxer (Ayden)
Mister Rule Breaker....supposed to go feet first (Cayton)
Bentley's first experience with a slide
Ayden on his thrown
This was his favorite gift. A gumball machine AND gumballs. He loves gum and his insides are probably all stuck together with as much gum as he has swallowed.
And it was all over! Poor guy.