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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Oh Gee! Ayden's Three!

Ayden's Birthday fell on Easter this year so we celebrated it on Friday. He had a party at Pump It Up! which has many inflatable slides and bouncing areas. For our gift Jarron and I took him to Build-A-Bear and the candy store.
Ayden's Cake
Ayden with his turtle that he made at Build-A-Bear
A VERY HAPPY kid in a candy store
A born boxer (Ayden)
Mister Rule Breaker....supposed to go feet first (Cayton)
Bentley's first experience with a slide
Ayden on his thrown
This was his favorite gift. A gumball machine AND gumballs. He loves gum and his insides are probably all stuck together with as much gum as he has swallowed.
And it was all over! Poor guy.


Krystal said...

We had so much fun!! Thanks so much for thinking of us!! Noah still talkes about it! :)

The Crazy Heads said...

Sorry we couldn't make it, it looks like he had a great birthday.