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Monday, December 8, 2008

Family Pictures

Angela took our family pictures and along with the other ones around my blog these are some of my other favorites. Thank you Angela!

A Birthday Girl!

Well, the day I have been dreading came and went. I laughed, I cried and I cherished the day! We had a wonderful combined birthday party for Bentley and Avery on Saturday and over all the girls had a fun time. I also had a blast doing a very pink and purple cupcake party.
Just a glimpse of the fun decorations
Here she is: the sweet little birthday girl in her cute shirt
Just one of her favorite new toys
I bought this large cupcake with the hopes of taking her picture next to it every birthday and watch how small the cupcake gets. We'll see if I remember. I tried and tried to get her to smile but I think she thought I was acting very strange all day. I had a hard time looking at her without tearing up.
There's the happy girl!
Here is her giant cupcake that I made just for her with her name on it.
It took her a little while to dig in. She would take a little bite and then watch all of us. I think she was in shock that this large cupcake was right in front of her face and she was just allowed to eat it without anyone stopping her.
She got the hang of it and had help from her uncle shoving the B in her mouth
She soon got through the frosting and a girl after my own heart...chowed down the chocolate!
We got a pull string pinata and she had fun pulling the strings. She isn't wearing any clothes because this was after the cake and she had to be stripped down and washed head to toe!
This was on Sunday morning...her actual birthday. She loves crepes so I made a cute little one out of it. Don't mind the lovely hair she just woke up:)
A bitter-sweet picture. My last cupcake-day for my dear sweet baby girl. I literally couldn't stop crying that morning and all through church. My third cupcake-day era has come to an end but as Jarron keeps reminding me every time he sees me crying he says another is right around the corner. I just can't say enough how much this sweet little spirit has added to our home and I just love her to death and thank Heavenly Father for trusting me to raise this precious angel. Another year has already begun and I hope it brings greater joy than the last.
Happy Birthday Bentley! Mommy loves you!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hormonally Unbalanced

I partly blame it on pregnancy but I mostly blame it on being a mother. This last week has been extremely emotional for me. I think that it has been because this is my little girl's last week before she turns one. Jarron laughs at the thoughts that run through my head but I can't help it. Cayton just turned five and what I mostly thought about was that I only have 14 more years until he goes on a mission, goes to college, gets married and is gone. Jarron tells me that 14 years is a long time but the past five were gone in an instant and next year he starts kindergarten and I heard once they are in school time flies. What do you mean?? Time has already been flying. I recently read an article that talked about first time parents and the first child. Parents can't wait for their kid to start walking and talking and push for all the first time things to happen. I admit that I was like that and I was so excited for the "first times" but I realize how fast those moments are gone and childhood is over in the blink of an eye. If only I could keep them tiny forever. Kids grow up too fast as it is and before you know it they are walking out the door without a good-bye and talking back to you and that happens when they are only 2! That means that I have less than one more precious year with Bentley before she starts walking and talking. j/k. They are all precious years and it has taken me 5 years to understand, slow down and REALLY relish and take in the moments. I always thought that I was "taking in the moments" but I really wasn't. Bentley has been such a blessing at a HUGE time of need. Her personality is that of take your time, slow down and just laugh at everything. She has never rushed into anything so far whether it be rolling over, sleeping through the night, or standing. It only took me till the third child but I have no desire to push her after all she will learn someday which will be sooner then I want. Come May I will have 4 children, not in school yet, at home with me all day long and I will be the luckiest person in the world. My new life theme song is You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins and I don't even like country. I LOVE MY LIFE! My Heavenly Father has indeed blessed me beyond what I deserve but I'll take it!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The precious moments of Life!

We are fast approaching one full year with Bentley. This little sweetheart has only added to the love, laughs and cuddles in our home.Before I had a little girl I dreamed of what life would be like with a little girl but they were no where close to an amazing way. My baby girl is funnier, sweeter and more precious then I could have imagined. She is growing and learning so fast that I find it a little bitter-sweet that I really no longer have a little baby girl. I wish that she could just stay tiny and sweet forever. Good thing another little one is on the way:o) Here are a few of her funnier moments lately:
This is how her hair usually looks when she first wakes up. I can't complain because I'm just glad she has a full thick head of hair. We will probably keep the hair detangler company in business single-handedly here in a short while! She may look like her Daddy but there is no escaping the Jones' tongue. When she is in deep concentration her little tongue sneaks out. Way cute and funny!
Having 2 older brothers I was worried I would have a little tom-boy but she is ALL girl. She has started picking up stuffed animals and giving them loves and kisses. Not the best picture...I caught her in mid-blink.
I have to admit that this specific moment made me cry. Almost one year ago Bentley fit INSIDE this little hat and now it fits her head:o(
Jarron says that I have early nesting syndrome... he might be right. I put up all our Christmas decorations inside last week and this weekend we put up the lights and decorations outside.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Busy, Busy, Sick, Sick, Sick!

My first trimester hasn't been an easy one and I even caught a horrible stomach flu that kept me in bed for 4 days! There has been one thing after another so here is a quick overview of the Langston's the last couple of weeks.

The kids at Boo At The Zoo. I was in bed with the stomach flu this weekend. The boys wanted to be ghosts so my mom through some costumes together the night before.
Cayton actually enjoyed the slimy mess of pumpkin carving this year.
Ayden didn't.
And Bentley just wasn't quite sure of anything.
Cayton was into ghosts as you probably can tell. (Thanks papa for carving!)
Ayden just had a rough night:)
Actual Halloween night. Angels, monkeys, thomas and scooby oh my! Jarron was an angel at work and the girls he works with were devils. As you can see the boys are not ghosts but it is a long we won't go there.
Avery and Bentley. Avery was a strawberry.
Halloween was a success!!
Thursday night we headed North for the annual thanksgiving/birthday/hunting celebration with grandma in the mountains and stayed till Monday. We were hoping for some snow but just got rain. We all had a great time and loved seeing all our family again.
Bentley's 11 month cupcake day celebrated at Great Grandma's in the mountains.
All Cayton wanted to do for his 5th birthday was celebrate it and open presents at Grandma's in the mountains and go to Planet Kid with Daddy and Ayden and eat pizza so that is what we did!
Daddy had Tuesday off because of Veteran's Day so we spent the afternoon at Planet kid
I had never given her the chance but we found out that Bentley can use a straw!

And last but not least this was my first attempt at 2 ponytails. She even sat there and just let me do it while she smiled at herself in the mirror!

I also had a birthday somewhere in all the mix of things and had a wonderful dinner date with Jarron. It was very relaxing and just what I needed!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkins and Snowmen!?

Last Friday night to celebrate my sister's birthday we were going to go out to eat and then go to the corn maze. However, a little before dinner it started to SNOW! On October 10th! We decided to go to dinner anyway and by the time we got home there was enough snow to make a little snowman. It is crazy that in the same day we went to the pumpkin patch got pumpkins for Halloween AND built a snowman!!
Poor Cayton's hands were freezing and the snowman didn't get any arms because there were no sticks without leaves still on them.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin Time!

As it turns out the coldest day of the season so far is the day we are going to the pumpkin patch with Cayton and Ayden's pre-school!! We didn't complain though...we dressed for the occasion, went fast and had a fun time!
Bentley's first time in winter the time we were done with her the poor thing looked like a pink Stay Puft marshmallow man and could barely move her arms! Ayden saying, "I did it!" coming out of the straw maze Cayton having fun getting lost in the straw maze Poor Bentley thinking this is ridiculous Ayden's perfect pumpkin he picked himself
Who's ready for a warm hayride?
All the cute munchkins in Heather's Feathers
Bentley and her first pumpkin!