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Monday, November 24, 2008

The precious moments of Life!

We are fast approaching one full year with Bentley. This little sweetheart has only added to the love, laughs and cuddles in our home.Before I had a little girl I dreamed of what life would be like with a little girl but they were no where close to an amazing way. My baby girl is funnier, sweeter and more precious then I could have imagined. She is growing and learning so fast that I find it a little bitter-sweet that I really no longer have a little baby girl. I wish that she could just stay tiny and sweet forever. Good thing another little one is on the way:o) Here are a few of her funnier moments lately:
This is how her hair usually looks when she first wakes up. I can't complain because I'm just glad she has a full thick head of hair. We will probably keep the hair detangler company in business single-handedly here in a short while! She may look like her Daddy but there is no escaping the Jones' tongue. When she is in deep concentration her little tongue sneaks out. Way cute and funny!
Having 2 older brothers I was worried I would have a little tom-boy but she is ALL girl. She has started picking up stuffed animals and giving them loves and kisses. Not the best picture...I caught her in mid-blink.
I have to admit that this specific moment made me cry. Almost one year ago Bentley fit INSIDE this little hat and now it fits her head:o(
Jarron says that I have early nesting syndrome... he might be right. I put up all our Christmas decorations inside last week and this weekend we put up the lights and decorations outside.