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Monday, April 27, 2009

And she's UP!!

Well, it has only taken almost 17 months but Bentley is FINALLY up and walking. She still is pretty shaky, looks pretty awkward and still prefers crawling or walking on her knees because it is faster but she can indeed WALK!! I was beginning to worry if I would be packing a baby carrier and a 17 month oldNot one of her more graceful moments

Her favorite thing now that she walks is to dance with Cayton. It is so sweet and it makes them both laugh!

Her second favorite thing to do is make sure that her brother's know who is the boss

Say "UNCLE" Ayden

Easter 2009

Better late than never...Our Easter:

Coloring eggs:
coloring ourselves:
Ayden colored and re-colored eggs 6 or 7 times. Some didn't turn out too bad:
Our ward's Easter egg hunt:
Easter Day:
I think the Easter Bunny got carried away:

Monday, April 6, 2009

A week NOT to review

It all started a couple weeks ago...

Bentley had been a little more irritable then usual and pulling at her ears. I thought maybe she had an ear infection but she had her first dentist appointment and the dentist said she was getting her first molars in which could be why she is not happy and also pulling at her ears. I left it at that. The next week she had her 15-18 month check up and I found out she had a double ear infection which led to her having to take amoxicillin. She was doing much better and then exactly a week later the poor thing fell out of her crib and from the huge goose egg on her forehead I figured she fell right on her head. I already had a call into the nurse because she had a rash on her behind that just wasn't going away that was caused by an allergic reaction to pampers diapers so I was calling for a prescription. The nurse finally got back to me and I said, "Oh by the way" she also fell out of her crib. She told me signs and symptoms to look out for and the rest of the day and the next day she seemed to be doing fine. Well, Thursday morning at 3am she woke up vomiting and a 103 degree temp. Freaking out I immediately called the 24/7 ask-a-nurse and she told me to take her to the ER. Jarron also called his brother with nursing experience and he also said to take her in. Bentley was given a blessing and her and Daddy rushed to the ER. 2 1/2 hours later they returned with a diagnosis of the flu. I asked,"The flu? are you sure that's it?" I wasn't accepting that diagnosis but gave her medicine and put her back to bed. The next day she woke up with a light rash and again I called the nurse and she said if it gets worse to bring her in. She said it was probably just a viral rash. Sure enough towards mid afternoon the rash had gotten worse. Once again I called the nurse and took her in. The diagnosis: Bentley is allergic to amoxicillin. She has been taking Benadryl and is healing nicely but here are some pictures of her in the prime of it all:

1 trip to the ER, 2 trips to the doctor, 3 trips to the pharmacy and 5 calls into a nurse: expensive

Having children and freaking out: priceless

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ayden turns 4!

It is pretty hard for me to believe that little Aydie is already 4. He is such a joy and a challenge but mostly a joy! Him and Bentley had their doctor appointments together and it was interesting to say the least. Ayden is holding tight to the 25% in height and only a little more in weight. Bentley is holding tight to the 95% and is only 7 pounds lighter then Ayden, 7 inches shorter and 21 months younger. Which one is going to be daddy's little football star?! We had a fun party at the park with family to celebrate.
Ayden wearing his crown he got at school where he got to be King for a day. He wore it all day and made sure that Cayton knew he was the King and got to do everything first.
Ayden picked a Star Wars theme with a little nudging from Dad. I never do this but I procrastinated getting a cake because I was positive that there were plenty of choices for a Star Wars cake and I was dead wrong. They have all been discontinued but luckily I found a very nice bakery that was willing to work with me. I took in a party plate and she made an edible image of it. It turned out perfect though because Ayden thought it was the BEST cake ever!
It was a little windy and so we tried our best to keep the candles going so he could get a chance to blow them out.
Ayden chose to eat Darth Vader's head so we thought. He actually wanted it for his friend Stacie to eat. He is pretty cute because he says that Stacie is his best friend and she is around my age. I guess he likes older women. He says she is really pretty!
All of the decorations and plates were 3-D and Mr. Goofy man loved wearing the glasses