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Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009 Christmas photos

This year's photo shoot went surprising well with 4 kids. There was one who had a little hard time and you'll probably be able to tell who...
Here it comes...
It's so hard being a little girl
Have you been NAUGHTY or NICE this year?

Monday, November 16, 2009

The last two months...

It seems I have been MIA from the blog the last two months. We have been just as busy as ever but enjoying every second.
We took a trip to Utah to see Jarron's brother home from his Mission in California and also his brother and his family from Florida. We all had a blast. Most of the time was spent on the trampoline.
We took a trip to the zoo and saw the new baby elephant.
and the giraffes.
Ayden got eaten by an alligator
and Cayton took shelter as a turtle.
All of us at the park about to say good-bye.
October came and we started our Halloween festivities off with Apple Witch carvings. We bobbed for apples.
and ate donuts from a string.
Deacon turned 5 months and it was the month of the zebra.
We visited the pumpkin patch
where everyone picked out their own pumpkin
and had fun...
except for Bentley. She must have been scared of the Great Pumpkin.
We had a bonfire at Grandma and Grandpa's and roasted cat-tails (hot dogs) and had yummy smores!
We carved pumpkins. Then, finally came Halloween and it was a family affair this year. Cayton picked out our costumes. Cayton was Batman, Ayden was Robin, Bentley was Cat Woman, Deacon was the Joker, Jarron was the Riddler and I was Poison Ivy. Jarron and I also had an adult Halloween party earlier in the month and took FIRST PRIZE on costumes! Deacon got his first haircut...Before
and after.
Cayton had his 6th birthday. Bakugan style!
Bentley is wearing big girl princess underwear and is in the process of potty training
Deacon has been introduced to the world of solid food. Well, almost...just oatmeal
and is now 6 months with the month of the Lion. Weighing in at 17.14 lbs. and 26.75 in. long in the 60% percentile.
And as for me I have gotten all my Christmas shopping done and am just tired but Thanksgiving, Bentley's birthday, Christmas and New Year's here we come!!
(Oh, and I had a birthday but it was seriously the worst ever and I demand a re-do. Don't believe me the highlight of the day was me ripping the bumper off my car backing out of the garage when we are supposed to be headed North for a trip to Grandma's in the mountains. Jarron zip-tied the bumper and we still left on the trip and still came home with the bumper fully intact. Good job honey!)