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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Ayden!

I can't believe how fast my munchkins are growing up! We just celebrated Ayden turning 5 and here really shortly Deacon will be one. None of my pleas for time to slow down seem to be working!
I let Ayden pick out what sort of party he wanted this year, (usually I get the theme that I want) however, I gave full control to Ayden this year. He picked out a Pokemon Birthday (one that I desperately tried to convince otherwise) however, I lost and put a big happy smile on my face and did the best that I could. Just before his birthday we took an unplanned trip to Southern Utah to attend Jarron's Grandma's funeral. We will miss her dearly! His party was set for the day after we returned and I thought that I would just go to the store and pick up some Pokemon cake toppers and the cake would be great. However, no such luck in that department and I threw this cake together along with the creativity (very lacking) in just under 2 hours. I was a little disappointed in my skills but it worked cause Ayden loved it!
We have made it a tradition to sneak into their rooms while they are sleeping and decorate their beds.
And their bedroom doorway!
Ayden on his birthday morning blowing out the traditional candle on his donut.
It just so happened that Cayton's school was having a fundraiser event at Red Robin that night and so we hit two birds with one stone. We had a very fun and wonderful dinner and Ayden opened his gifts at the restaurant. The two boys couldn't have been happier with this wii game!
And to top it off a hot fudge sundae all to himself!
The last 5 years have gone so fast and Ayden keeps me on my toes. What a special kid this one is!! I love you Ayden! Happy Birthday!