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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Second round

Thanks to everyone who gave your input to the first round of baby names. We are looking forward to your input now for round two. I told you we have a lot of baby boy names and need all the help we can get. To answer some questions about round one we do not have middle names picked out as of yet. I told Jarron if this was a boy the middle name could come from his side of the family, however, we just can't find one so we are seriously thinking about just going biblical. Second, the reasoning around all the first names: Archer: My best friend in high school dated a boy with the last name archer and I thought it would be a fun first name and Jarron happened to love it. It is also the name of the nice toy on Small Soldiers the movie. This name is tied for first for Jarron's favorites. As for me still not sure. It is definitely unique my problem comes with the question: too unique? Deacon: Reese Witherspoon named her son this a long time ago I heard it and happened to love it. However, in the church he could definitely take some teasing. I like that it would go with our ABC theme but I already have a name for a future girl and it is a long way off starting with an R. My question is how far to carry the ABC theme and will children left out of it feel bad?? This is both of our first picks that we agree on. (making progress) Fisher: This name came from The Guardian. A movie I love and Ashton Kutcher's last name is Fisher and that is what he always goes by or Fish. He isn't bad looking and that is all I have to say. Cooper: My mom, sister and I are crazy die hard fans of Charmed, the television series, and in the last season Cupid comes along and they call him Coop. A wonderful looking man! I love it, jarron not so much (understandably so) Colton: Jarron loves it but a little too common for me.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baby names

Jarron and I have a lot of baby boy names that we like and would like a little input. We seem to be attracted to not so common and last names. So that I'm not leading and fair to Jarron I won't tell you at this time which names Jarron likes and which ones I like. Also, after we get some feed back I will tell you the reasoning for each name but first I would like your first initial response to the names in the poll to the right. Thanks for helping!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


I have finally made 20 weeks being pregnant and went for the big ultrasound. Jarron wanted to find out what we were having and I didn't but Jarron hasn't had a say in anything since the very first pregnancy so I let him have his way this once. We took all the kids in with us thinking it would be fun (not so much but we did have a few laughs). We took a poll to see what everyone wanted. Bentley, Cayton and I wanted a girl and Jarron and Ayden wanted a boy. Ayden's reasoning was that he wanted a brother so he could play his new wii with him. I guess the rest of us aren't good enough competition. One point during the ultrasound my doctor was showing the boys a picture of the baby's head and it looked like an alien but no one said anything and then Cayton broke the silence and said, "Is it going to come out green too?" We all had a good laugh especially the doctor. The moment came and all the doctor said was, "Looks like it is going to be number 3."
We are having another BOY!

Did anyone catch December?

I blinked and I think that I missed all of December. It was very eventful. Hopefully January brings plenty of rest! (I said hopefully)
Daddy still couldn't escape the Santa picture this year. It was very shocking that I got this picture. Bentley who won't let go of Mommy for anyone actually had a smile for Santa!
The boys at their pre-school Christmas Program
Close to being snowed in, in Utah. The day before we were to come home for Christmas it snowed about a foot.
Munchkins in their new Christmas Eve pajamas
I was so busy I almost forgot Bentley's one year picture in my wedding dress and she LOVED it!