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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ayden turns 4!

It is pretty hard for me to believe that little Aydie is already 4. He is such a joy and a challenge but mostly a joy! Him and Bentley had their doctor appointments together and it was interesting to say the least. Ayden is holding tight to the 25% in height and only a little more in weight. Bentley is holding tight to the 95% and is only 7 pounds lighter then Ayden, 7 inches shorter and 21 months younger. Which one is going to be daddy's little football star?! We had a fun party at the park with family to celebrate.
Ayden wearing his crown he got at school where he got to be King for a day. He wore it all day and made sure that Cayton knew he was the King and got to do everything first.
Ayden picked a Star Wars theme with a little nudging from Dad. I never do this but I procrastinated getting a cake because I was positive that there were plenty of choices for a Star Wars cake and I was dead wrong. They have all been discontinued but luckily I found a very nice bakery that was willing to work with me. I took in a party plate and she made an edible image of it. It turned out perfect though because Ayden thought it was the BEST cake ever!
It was a little windy and so we tried our best to keep the candles going so he could get a chance to blow them out.
Ayden chose to eat Darth Vader's head so we thought. He actually wanted it for his friend Stacie to eat. He is pretty cute because he says that Stacie is his best friend and she is around my age. I guess he likes older women. He says she is really pretty!
All of the decorations and plates were 3-D and Mr. Goofy man loved wearing the glasses


Contact Chauncey or Melanie West said...

I don't get it, don't ALL boys no matter the age LOVE star wars?! Looks like a great birthday, happy Birthday!

Jason and Dana said...

Awesome Cake! I want one of those for my b-day. Happy B-day Ayden.
Hey, Jarron, I just got transfered to Austin. Looks like it is going to be quite the commute to Austin until we figure out how we are going to move.