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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Busy, Busy, Sick, Sick, Sick!

My first trimester hasn't been an easy one and I even caught a horrible stomach flu that kept me in bed for 4 days! There has been one thing after another so here is a quick overview of the Langston's the last couple of weeks.

The kids at Boo At The Zoo. I was in bed with the stomach flu this weekend. The boys wanted to be ghosts so my mom through some costumes together the night before.
Cayton actually enjoyed the slimy mess of pumpkin carving this year.
Ayden didn't.
And Bentley just wasn't quite sure of anything.
Cayton was into ghosts as you probably can tell. (Thanks papa for carving!)
Ayden just had a rough night:)
Actual Halloween night. Angels, monkeys, thomas and scooby oh my! Jarron was an angel at work and the girls he works with were devils. As you can see the boys are not ghosts but it is a long we won't go there.
Avery and Bentley. Avery was a strawberry.
Halloween was a success!!
Thursday night we headed North for the annual thanksgiving/birthday/hunting celebration with grandma in the mountains and stayed till Monday. We were hoping for some snow but just got rain. We all had a great time and loved seeing all our family again.
Bentley's 11 month cupcake day celebrated at Great Grandma's in the mountains.
All Cayton wanted to do for his 5th birthday was celebrate it and open presents at Grandma's in the mountains and go to Planet Kid with Daddy and Ayden and eat pizza so that is what we did!
Daddy had Tuesday off because of Veteran's Day so we spent the afternoon at Planet kid
I had never given her the chance but we found out that Bentley can use a straw!

And last but not least this was my first attempt at 2 ponytails. She even sat there and just let me do it while she smiled at herself in the mirror!

I also had a birthday somewhere in all the mix of things and had a wonderful dinner date with Jarron. It was very relaxing and just what I needed!



I am really sorry you were so sick. That makes life really hard :( Thank goodness for the help of family!

Jen Gillespie said...

Oh sweetie. I'm sorry you have been sick. I noticed you hadn't posted in a while and was about to ask you how you are feeling, and then I saw this post. I hope you get better soon and get to enjoy being cute and pregnant. Happy belated birthday!! Cute little angels you have.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I hope you don't mind that we check out your blog!!
Your kids are just the cutest.
I had that stomach flu a few weeks ago and it was just AWFUL!! Hope you get to feeling better soon Ü