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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My sweet Valentine got me a new camera for Valentine's Day. Can you say SUPER EXCITED!! I have been wanting one so so bad since mine broke. Anyway it has this crazy feature on it called facial recognition. I was so excited to start using it...don't ask me why just cause. So, I took the time to program it and take pictures of all my family and it was working great for awhile. I would take a picture of Bentley and sure enough when I was focusing on her it would say Bentley right on the screen. Well, by the time I got all of my little ones programed in I went crazy and started taking lots of pictures of all of them. It didn't take me much time at all to realize that all my children come from the EXACT SAME MOLD! All my children look incredibly different to me and I don't have a problem telling them apart but my camera does! Their faces are all so similar that if I have all of them in the photo together none of them have the right name under them. Deacon is Ayden and Ayden is Bentley. I guess technology isn't always perfect. So much for having fun with that feature in my family. However, I couldn't be more excited for my new gift...get ready for LOTS of pictures!!