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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Christmas 2009

Our Christmas season was really a great one. We really bonded as a family and focused on things that we could do for others. One gift I really wanted to give my children this year was the gift of service to others. We went in search of those who needed a little extra love. There isn't a ton of pictures my camera was dropped and broken by a couple little hands and so I have been at the mercy of really good friends and family that have let me borrow their camera every once in awhile.
Of course we couldn't miss our picture with Santa. Bentley wasn't really excited but the boys really were.
Making gingerbread cookies was a huge highlight of the season. We all had a blast decorating them and then we delivered some to friends.
Our Christmas Eve portrayal of the birth of Christ. Cayton was Joseph. Bentley was Mary, Jarron was a Shepherd/donkey, Ayden was a shepherd, Deacon was a sheep and I was the narrator.
Joseph is leading Mary to Bethlehem on a donkey.
Mary is wrapping the babe in swaddling clothes.
The shepherd is leading his sheep to see the new born King.
How happy we all our for our Savior's birth and life! He has given us so much and the most important thing is each other!
All the kiddos in their Christmas Eve pajamas just before we went to look at Christmas lights.
Ayden made magical reindeer food at school so we sprinkled it outside for them to find.
Christmas morning which thankfully didn't come too early!