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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This year for Christmas Jarron and I have adopted the phrase "It's always better HOMEMADE!" So, the other day we lost the keys to my car and yes we only have one set, so I was stuck home. I decided to start early on some gifts and this is one that I made, however, I like it so much I really don't want to give it away? So my question that wrong?
On a random note:
I watch my niece Avery again and the other day lunch got out of hand and this is where they ended up...can you believe that Bentley is nine days younger?


Krystal said...

Very Cute!! How did you make it? Just make another one as a gift and keep that one-no harm done! That is a classic picture of Bentley and Avery! So cute!

Waters said...

Wrong, why would it be wrong, you made it, you bought the material so technicaly it is YOURS already and Christmas clearly isnt until 3 months so consider this as a "prep project." Thats justifiable isnt it? wha ha ha ha haaaa. I really do love the family creation though.
and Bentley and her cousin are just too cute girlfriends taking advantage of a fun time to hang out. :)
(I love the tile in your kitchen)

Miller said...

I want those blocks too!! We should make those blocks for enrichment! You are so crafty!