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Monday, September 22, 2008

A little rain never hurt anybody

Saturday was the St. Luke's Women's fitness celebration and I have to say that we have been a pretty faithful group for the last few years but the rain and lightning was a little much this year. We signed up in the stroller division because we had three strollers to push this year but as you can see not one stroller made it. In fact we took this picture moments before we turned around called the husbands back to rescue us out of the rain and we headed for breakfast. The good intentions were there but the rain was a little much especially for me who wore my flip flops down:o)

Jessica, Shawna, me, Mitzi and Tori Charlie, Shawna, me, Mitzi and Tori Here we are at IHOP! What a wonderful dry breakfast it was!


The Crazy Heads said...

Kudos to you for even making it down there. I would have woken up that day and gone right back to bed. but at least you got breakfast out of the whole deal.

Jen Gillespie said...

Looks like it was a fun morning! Breakfast and all. Hey check out my blog. I'm tagging you!

Miller said...

I am totally impressed, and somewhat motivated to do more to get out there! Your pictures are so fun! What a fun outing!