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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The first shall be last and the last shall be first

As fast as August flew by it was filled with many lasts and firsts for our family. This month I have indeed been blessed with many wonderful memories which I will forever cherish. I have only my Heavenly Father to thank for getting me through the sometimes incredibly tough first and lasts but I am so grateful for every second that I do have with my family. Thinking about each one of them and how they have impacted my life brings tears to my eyes. They are each so precious and absolutely the best things to happen to me! Life is filled with never ending firsts and lasts and here are some of ours.
This was Cayton's LAST day at gymnastics for the summer. He had the option of moving to the big gym where you get to go when you turn 5 but he wants to wait until his birthday so he will continue in the small stars gym until November. Way to go Cayton! This was also Ayden's LAST day of gym for the summer also. I started the boys both in gym when they started walking and so Ayden has been going for about 2 years. The one thing that he just couldn't seem to do was a sit-down-stand-up on the trampoline. He tried and tried but just never could stand up. Well, it was perfect timing because on the last day he finally did his FIRST ever sit-down-stand-up. I couldn't even keep my emotions in and had to let out a HUGE YEAH! and the look of accomplishment on his face was priceless and he did 3 more before we left the gym. When Daddy came home that night Cayton told daddy, "Mommy and the teachers all cheered really loud for Ayden. He did amazing!" There is no one better to cheer on then your own kids! Kaid was able to come home Sunday the 24th and is just continuing to get big. He is now 4 lbs. 14oz. (probably more now) and this was the FIRST picture taken with Bentley the day after he came home. Jarron celebrated his LAST 20 something birthday which he was really excited about! (not really) Old or not he still blew out every single candle! Good job Honey! Here is Bentley's FIRST tooth! I just had to throw this in.Whenever I get the camera and try to take a picture of her she pulls this face.
Here is what I was trying to take a picture of. Yep, I went for the FIRST time and pierced her ears. She was so amazing she barely cried and forgot all about it after she got a lolly-pop.

And so for the LAST emotional moment of the month which was actually today but close enough, both of my boys went off together for their FIRST day of pre-school! They were both excited but Ayden was SUPER DUPER excited. He has been waiting since his 3rd birthday for September to come so he could go with Cayton to school.

They couldn't forget to give Bentley a LAST kiss before heading off to school.


Waters said...

I love that you started Ayden in gymnastics. We want to get Val into that also, theres something about tiny kids being able to throw themselves at a mat while twisting and bending in the most amazing ways, without (generally) getting hurt.
Yea for Bentley's adorable ears!! and your boy's going off to pre school together?! What more could a little boy ask for? Their side parts are so dang cute.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

your kiddos are sooo cute!!