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Monday, July 6, 2009

Our little firecrackers!

Our family's 4th of July was a fun filled day! We started off with breakfast with the ward and really enjoyed all the yummy food! We then went to the driving range and hit a couple buckets of balls. We then headed to Charlie and Chris' for lunch where the kids played in a little pool. After that we headed to Ryan and Terri's for dinner then to their community pool. We then headed up the hill to watch some city fireworks and then headed to mom and dad's to light our own. We started at 9am and ended at midnight and we all made it without any horrific meltdowns!
Deacon: Am I really ready for today? I know my hair is! The boys with their first bucket of balls
Cayton: Not sure I like the golfing thing but I got the look!
Ayden: Getting lessons from Uncle Ryan. Loves the golfing thing
Bentley: What do you do with this thing? Enjoyed the throwing the balls but not the club
I even got in on the swinging for the first time ever. Pretty fun but I was really bad
The pool was VERY cold and Bentley would scream and then laugh. Silly girl!
Cayton: The community pool was a lot warmer
Ayden: Working on the back float
Deacon: Please not the water!
Everyone watching the city fireworks
Bentley with her extra-long sparkler...everyone watch out!
Ayden with his bucket of fireworks that he hasn't put down for 4 days
This was the first year Cayton watched the fireworks outside with the rest of us and not hiding in the house. DeeDee was still his protector and he really enjoyed it this year.
It was so fun to be with extended family all day and just play...We love you all!


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very fun, and I can't believe that all did all that! Thats amazing! I pick one event a rock!