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Monday, June 15, 2009

The return of: CUPCAKE DAY!

As some know...I live for cupcake day! I can't believe that Deacon is a month old already. He is rapidly pushing 10 pounds and is a perfect little one. The large goose egg from his accident was miraculously all but gone by the end of his blessing day. This little sweet boy is truly being blessed and watched over. He only wakes to eat every five hours and wakes once during the night. I decided to get creative with cupcakes this year. I am going for the jungle theme. I am making jungle animals out of clay and going to spell out his name by his first birthday and have a jungle animal party. I 'm making them out of clay this time so that they will last a year and I can reuse them every month. This month I chose to do a monkey, however, my husband thinks it looks a lot more like a bear. Hey, it's my first one and I say it's a monkey!



Cute, cute! I think it looks like a monkey!

The Crazy Heads said...

Hey, cute monkey!!!!!

Keli and Jacob Langston said...

Looks just like a monkey. I am always impressed with the ideas you come up with! You seriously should have your own magazine.

Suzanna said...

First, what is cupcake day? Second, did you seriously make that monkey out of clay? Very impressive! Third, I am glad I have finally made it to your blog! It is just as cute as I heard it was.