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Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's our Anniversary!

February 7th marks our 5th anniversary! I can't believe that we made it. Well, I can but it doesn't seem like 5 years have gone by. I think that today would be the perfect day to tell you all how we met...if you haven't heard it before. We have to go way back to the year 2001. About 6 months after high school I found myself in college and still attending the home ward. I wasn't about to step foot into the single's ward especially after the movie had come out. I wasn't ready for a date let alone a relationship. I was perfectly happy going to school and that was it. Well, my friend kept insisting that i go to the singles ward with her. To put it nicely I never answered when she called on Saturday night! After months of dodging her I finally told her that I would commit to going the first Sunday of the new year. So, she picked me up and away I went...never to return again. Of course it was fast and testimony meeting and I was just content to sit in my seat. During the bearing of testimony's this one guy (later I found out his name was Jarron) got up and bore his testimony. He looked awful! He had a broken arm and scratches all over his face and was just a mess. After the meeting block I was with my girl friend standing outside the bishop's office and up came the sad looking guy that bore his testimony. Of all the people he happened to be my friend's home teacher and he wanted to set up a time to visit her. She introduced me to him and he then in turn introduced me to the rest of his had a brace on his leg and the other had his mouth wired shut. I did all that I could to not laugh and wonder exactly what they did in the single's ward. It looked very dangerous! Well, I thought that I had given it a shot and that my friend would stop calling but lo and behold she called again and said that I had to go again next Sunday (I later found out that Jarron made that Home teaching visit and all they talked about was me). Not knowing why and going against all my better judgment I went anyway and Jarron asked me out and being polite I agreed to ONE date. From that first date we saw each other everyday until he went to Disneyland with his family for Spring Break. During the year I tried to chase him off multiple times but he kept finding his way back. I'm so glad that he did! He proposed in September of 2002. We waited for his brother to return from his mission and we were married in 2003. My one stipultaion was to be married in my favorite temple and that was in San Diego. Jarron indeed married me in my castle and he even proposed with a glass slipper! Gotta love him! To set the story straight Jarron broke his arm sledding with his family, the guy with the leg brace just had a bad knee and was going to have surgery and the guy with his mouth wired shut hit his knee on his mouth also sledding. To my one true love - I LOVE YOU! Thank you for three wonderful children and I look forward to an eternity of joy, laughter and love!

This is the glass slipper and the inscription on the top reads,"To Salena, my Princess for time and all eternity. Love your Prince Charming, Jarron

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The Jones Family said...

It is always fun to hear how you to meet again!

Waters said...

Salena, I love the glass slipper, and congradulations to you and Jarron for your 5th anniversary, Jared and I are coming up on our 5th in June. I too cant believe where time has gone. It sure flys when youre doing well. :)
I saw your blogg on Tiff's so I thought Id stop by.
Have a Grrrrrrrreat Tuesday!

Jason & Dana said...

I beleive it was snowboarding that the guy hit his knee on his face. And by the way, Jarron was the one that gave him the blessing just moments after the accident, It is great to have honorable preisthood holders near when you need. them.