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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Mommy's gotta do...

What a Mommy's gotta do. Our poor little Bentley was very unfortunate to be born with this really silly looking cowlick right on her front hair line. It has caused me a little grief because it is very hard to manage and I just got to the point where it was just driving me crazy. So, I decided to do something about it. I read up a little on cowlicks and found that sometimes if you shave them off the hair will grow back in a different direction.
All I can say is "Hair grows back...right??" Daddy started off by shaving the hair with a beard trimmer. We then lathered her up and the bic razor did the rest. Nice shine baby! Contrary to Daddy's belief..she really doesn't care and if this works she will be thanking Mommy when she gets older. You can't even really tell that she has a big bald spot because her hair is long enough to sport a very cute combover! We will let you know in the upcoming weeks if it works. Until then does anyone have any other ideas if it doesn't?


West Family said...

Thanks for finding us! Thats pretty funny about her hair...I would have done the same thing!
I am excitedto readyour blog!

Waters said...

Shaving the hair off is news to me but it sound like something Id too. :) I deffinately understand, when she's older she'll very much appreciate your effort, even if it doesnt work. but I hope it does, Valerie got her Dad's funny cowlick in the back of her head, so its easier to work with, easier than Bentley, and dont worry Bentley its all part of the process to being beautiful. :)

The Crazy Heads said...

That is hillarious. I never have had to deal with a cowlick, but Ali looked like she had a toupee on for the first year. I just embraced it and went with it. Now we have funny pictures to look at. Good Luck. I hope it grows back nicely.

Beena said...

Salena! It's so great to hear from you! I'm so glad you found me! Your kids are so cute, and congratulations on the (not so) new baby! I've been wanting to call you ever since you were in labor, which sounds weird, but I was working the night you came in. I got your blood in the lab and I was so excited!! I wanted to run up and say hi, but I figured it really wasn't the best time. :) Then I got your Christmas card (thank you), and I was going to call again...Anyway, maybe now we can be better at keeping in touch!