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Saturday, May 23, 2009

ABC and D has arrived...

Deacon Crawford Langston made his way into the world on May 11, 2009 at 3:56 pm. He weighed 8lbs. 5oz. and was 21in. long. As you can see he has a full head of hair and the consensus is that he is Bentley's twin just 17 months apart right down to the wonderful cowlick on his forehead! He is just a fantastic baby! He doesn't cry and only wakes once at night!! He has already been such a joy in the addition to our family. The other kids just adore him and really help out. 2 minutes old

Mommy and baby's first picture

First mommy, daddy and baby picture

Almost exactly 24 hours old and we're going home!

He has just been such an easy baby that we have just been on the run since we got home from the hospital. We have already taken our first family trip as a family of 6 to Salt Lake. Jamison, Jarron's youngest brother is off to Uruguay for his mission and we went down to see him off. While we were there we had a free day and acting a little insane we decided to take all the kids and climb. Mt. Timpanogos! CRAZY!! We did it though and the guy at the top said that I may have broken a record carrying an 8 day old up the Mountain. It was so fun though and the boys loved being inside the cave.

Cayton, Mommy and Deacon on the climb.
Daddy and Bentley on the climb
Ayden with the heart of the cave
He was such a trooper he carried Bentley all the way up, all the way through, and all the way down. The cave wasn't easy to carry her through either.
Outside of the cave. Ready to go home honey? Sorry, still have to make it down :o)
The trail was a little tough on Miss Bentley

Picture taken just as we got out of the canyon which takes about 5 minutes. Do you think we wore them out?

Uncle Jamison with the boys

Uncle Jamison with Bentley Uncle Jamison with Deacon. It will be fun to see how much they have grown when he gets back in 2 years.



I can't believe you did those caves just 8 days after you had your new baby boy (who is adorable by the wayand so much hair!) I did it a month after I had Shaelie and I thought I was going to die (I had had a C section and my incision was about the burst open, or so it seemed.) Way to go! Congrats on having a healthy baby boy.

Krystal said...

Congratulations! He is so precious! I can't believe you went on a hike 8 days after you gave birth! I hope I am that spry after my next one! :)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Congratulations on the newest addition!! He's GORGEOUS!! What an adorable family you have!!

The Crazy Heads said...

YEAH!!!!! He is so handsome! Congrats to you! Good job on climbing after only having a baby a week prior, you are definetly a wonder woman. Good Luck!

Jen Gillespie said...

CONGRATS!!!!! I'm sorry, I'm a little behind, but I am so happy you finally had your little Deacon. What a handsome little man. You are a trooper! I can't believe you took a trip, and HIKED with an 8 day old! You must have quick recoveries. So glad he is finally in your arms. Hope it is not too crazy with 4! Good luck cutie. You deserve it!

Mrs. Heather said...

wow, girl, congrats on number 4. he is super handsome. you are brave for hiking 8 days after giving birth. more woman then me, that is for sure!