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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Finally, Bentley a room!

It has taken me seven months to get Bentley a nursery but it is now complete and I am very happy with the result!

This crib was the hardest part of the room. It used to be a brown crib but I refinished it white. It was quite the project for a perfectionist. It took me about 2 weeks to complete. I also had some much needed help from my brother and dad. Thanks guys!

I instantly fell in love with this bedding set the moment I saw it. I had been looking everywhere for a purple and brown set but don't bother looking, there isn't one. So, I changed the color scheme to green and brown and added purple as an accent color. These colors are more Bentley anyway, calm and peaceful. Thankfully I didn't have to repaint this! On the mirror I put the words "Grow Giggles" I also put up vinyl lettering around the top of her room. The whole thing says "I am like a star shining brightly shining for the whole world to see I can do and say happy things each day for I know Heavenly Father loves me.My mom and I also reupholstered this rocking chair and I also painted it white. It used to be brown with blue cushions. I bought these metal hangers a while ago and finally found a use for them. We went and had all the kids pictures taken at Jon Ball (something I have wanted to do for a long time) and the empty frame is for one of Bentley. I had this vinyl lettering put on the back of the rocking chair. This is facing out of the nursery. This is the art that I did for her. I scrap -papered her name added a few embellishments and then mod-podged pictures of her best features on wooden squares. I have to give a big thanks to Megan and Newbury Street. I bought almost everything from her!


The Crabtree Chronicles said...

Very cute, that must have taken sooo much work! Good job on an adorable bedroom. Are those vinyl letters hard to get on the walls straight and spaced correctly? (I'm a perfectionist too). Seems like just the kind of project that would drive me bonkers.

Jen Gillespie said...

WOW wow wow. That is beautiful. I would love to sleep in that room! I bet she loves it. Looks wonderful!

The Crazy Heads said...

Good job Salena, it looks even prettier in person. I love it!

Waters said...

I just love love love Bentley's room!!!!!!! Ive seen the wreath hanging with a canopy over a crib and have always wanted to do that, and look at did it. Not only her room but your whole house, Im not sure I commented but I love how you decorated your whole house. SO MUCH FUN. It just makes me crazy thinking of what fun I'll get to do in a house of my own. :)
oh and Salena I really like the "feature" wall, Ive never worked with mod-podge but I have a hole slew of calendars and pictures Ive wanted to do too. Girl, youre amazing!!!!!!!!!